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K9 Behavior Modification

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Basic Obedience


Behavior Modification

We will work together to develop a plan to redirect undesirable behaviors and condition new, more appropriate behaviors using the latest scientific research on how dogs learn. The training plan will include management , as well as training of more appropriate behaviors.


If you start with a solid understanding of how your puppy learns, you will be better able to avoid undesirable behaviors as your puppy grows. Strengthen your understanding of and your bond with your puppy through private lessons or group classes.

Sit Happens has developed a training plan with 6 behaviors that will help your dog become a well-mannered member of the family:

          A- Ask me nicely

          P - Paws on the floor

          L- Leave it

          A - Answer me

         W - Walk nicely on leash

          S- Sit and Stay

Individualized, compassionate dog and puppy training in Charlotte and the surrounding areas

"Pack Leader" style training is no longer scientifically logical. Dogs are NOT pack animals. "Dominance" and "hierarchy" are not relevant. Your trainer should be educated in Basic Canine Learning Theory and Behavior Modification techniques based on up-to-date, sound scientific research.

Many of the dog or puppy behaviors we find inappropriate and that drive us crazy are completely normal and natural for dogs - digging, barking, stealing food, jumping up, protecting themselves or their food. As owners, it is our job to teach our dogs, through force-free training methods, how to live in the human world. Since your dog is special and has a unique personality and disposition, we need to find what motivates your dog (food? toys? praise?) and use that to encourage him to learn more appropriate behaviors. 

The secret to dog training is simple:

1. Reward appropriate behaviors
2. Remove rewards and prevent opportunities for inappropriate behaviors